We Take Pride In Our Exterior Work!

Exterior Painting

We take pride in our exterior work.  Preparation is one of the key components to superior quality.  We take our time in the preparation process, using the best quality tools, materials, and product.

Exterior Process

  • High pressure power wash, to remove mold, dirt, and loose paint- Caulk all seems, gaps, cracks, windows, holes, and sunken nails with lifetime caulk
  • We use oil based primer on all exterior wood to seal out all moisture
  • Reset loose nails if needed
  • Pull back landscaping, cover all bushes and plants with drop cloths
  • We use lifetime exterior paint
  • Spray and back brush first coat, second coat is back rolled completely
  • Paint edges of garage doors
  • Brush and roll trim color
  • Complete project by returning everything to original state

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